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What you must keep in your man bag

Of course some us us have different needs and requirements from a bag. Is it a man version of a handbag? Is it for work or for travelling or for taking to the gym.

It goes without saying that you are likely to keep your phone, keys and wallet in your man bag but what other essentials might you keep in there. After all you never know when you might need it. of course you may need a bigger bag!


For extra protection and peace of mind, it is essential that a bag used to carry a laptop needs extra padding. Whilst it may not protect from damage from a serious drop it will help with general bumps. Compared with a few years ago there are now many types of bag with laptop pockets, even available in rucksacks. For a laptop-only type of bag then a top rated laptop sleeve might be suitable or if you want a bag to combine storage for your laptop and other things then a rucksack might suit you better.


Tablets, whether iPads, Samsung or other Android or Windows tablets, are great as they can fit in most bags. The main decision is whether you want one specifically designed for your tablet or one that just has a suitably sized pocket. Unlike a laptop, you wouldn’t normally think about extra padding to protect a tablet as they are much more robust than a laptop but there are tablet sleeve bags that you can use for extra protection or to carry around outside your main bag.


You may keep them on your head, tucked down your shirt, or even actually wear them, but if you’ve spent a small fortune on a cool designer pair or gone for a cheaper bargain pair of sunglasses then you will want to make sure you have somewhere to keep them safe when not wearing them.


These days they are not just called headphones as there are earplugs, earbuds, earpods – the list is endless. It’s probably a good idea to get a decent but fairly cheap pair and they are easily lost. There is nothing better is you want to just disappear into your own world on a train or bus. Just switch on the music or audio book and forget the word with the latest quality headphones and earplugs.

Portable battery pack

We have all found ourselves in a situation where we are somewhere we didn’t expect to be, for longer than we expected and having not bothered to charge our phone as we thought the next day was going to be as predictable as the last. This is where a portable battery pack comes in very useful. It’s basically a powerful battery with a charging socket so it can be charged via USB and another socket where you plug in your phone. Small, portable and fast charging in an emergency – it will definitely get you out of trouble.

USB flash drive

The essential backup device that everyone should have tucked away in a pocket or bag. They now come with lots of storage but still at a decent price, they are robust, plug into almost any computer and will make it so easy when you want to save off a few files so you can work at home or at the weekend or just to share files with a friend.

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