Different Types Of Laptop Bag

The three main types of laptop bags

Let’s not forget that laptops are delicate things and need to be looked after. If you intend to carry your laptop everywhere then you will need a good quality bag that will protect it from knocks and bumps, dirt and dust and maybe even the weather. Although we have listed three main types of laptop bag below there are many other less common types of bag including travel bags with wheels for the airport traveller and attache style laptop cases for the executive businessman in you.

Sleeve case

If you are only carrying your laptop within the confines of your home or office, so you don’t need the power supply lead or other sometimes bulky external devices, then a laptop sleeve case may be ideal. Simpler than a bag, but still very padded, it just wraps around your laptop so is often cheaper than a full blown bag.

Shoulder or messenger bag

Still the most commonly used bag for transporting your device is the shoulder or messenger laptop bag. Often with a strap as well as a handle and many pockets and  compartments it has plenty of room for external devices like a power supply lead, mouse and mat, external portable drive and often many other personal things.


More recently rucksacks, or backpacks if you prefer – see the difference (or not) here – have been appearing for laptops. Rucksacks were often padded on the back to make them more comfortable to wear but now this has been extended to special padded pockets inside for your laptop. They are by far the easiest and most comfortable way to carry your laptop.

Whatever your preference there are always a great choice of quality laptop bags available with a selected few considered to be top of the list.

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