Couple Walking With Bags

Reasons why women like men with a man bag

Women like an organised man

When a man carries his own phone, keys, wallet and other personal items he will have immediate access to anything he needs. It’s all in one place, no searching, no thinking, just knowing you have what you need. It’s called being organised. An organised man is a reliable man and will get more respect from his woman. An organised man is a man who has attention to detail and is always focussed on what needs to be where. An organised and reliable man is what a woman wants and is therefore more attractive to a woman.

Man bags make men look more stylish and professional

A woman doesn’t want to see her man with carrier bags, old tatty briefcases or rucksacks. A man should look both professional and stylish and a man bag can provide just that. A man bag means that everything can be stored in one place and be instantly available. A stylish and professional looking man is what a woman wants and is therefore more attractive to a woman. Women like men with a  professional looking man bag.

Man bags make a man sexy

A woman likes a man to look good. It’s important for a man to dress well with nice clothes and shoes, but a stylish man bag can further improve the look. There are now thousands of man bags available, some with a retro look, some modern, some cheap looking and some designer. The right bag combined with the right look and the right man can go a long way to making a man more attractive to a woman.

Men can carry their own stuff

A woman role is not to carry around all her man’s stuff as well as her own. A man is a man and not a child and should not act or be treated as such. The last thing a woman wants is for the man to be rummaging around in her bag or bugging her for his things. A woman wants her handbag for her stuff and not her man’s stuff. To expect a woman to carry his stuff is simply lazy and disrespectful. A woman also doesn’t want to see her man’s pockets bulging with his phone, wallet and other bulky things. A man bag is a perfect solution to satisfy everybody. A man who carries his own things is what a woman wants and is therefore more attractive to a woman.

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