Wearing A Man Bag

How to wear a man bag

Why would you need to know how to wear a man bag? Yeah it seems obvious it just needs to hang off the body from somewhere but there is so much more to it than that, especially if you want to come across as cool, strong and masculine.

Things have changed a lot over the years. The lines between what a woman wears and what a man wears has blurred and that also applies to bags.

The term Man Bag has been around now for a good few years and men have now fully embraced the bag but they have always suffered with the protocol of actually wearing the damn thing.

There are many types of bags, some which are obviously man-compatible, like rucksacks, holdalls and sports bags, but some are not quite so obvious. The messenger bag, for example, looks very much like your typical woman’s hand bag. Sure you can make sure its large, chunky with perhaps a sachet style flap to make it more obviously for a man, but there are now many more smaller man bags, that being small are much more practical for day to day use. So a man needs to know how to wear it.

What not to do

It may seem obvious but don’t hold your bag like a woman would. Don’t wear it on one side over the shoulder or hanging from your bent arm. Don’t carry it by any small handle it might have – this are just decorative!

What to do

Find a bag that you believe looks masculine. If you still struggle with it all then start off with a rucksack style bag and wear it on your back or over your shoulder. If you have a bag with just one long strap then wear it across the body. Yeah its crazy how this should make any difference and it shouldn’t but it does! Finally wear the bag with confidence. It’s your bag and it’s up to you to feel comfortable wearing it. If you don’t then you will stand out and it will be your fault and not the bag’s.

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