Types Of Bag

How many types of bag does a man need?

Well the answer to this should be how many of each type of bag does a man need. Like anything, in theory, just one, but with men embracing the whole bag culture and finally catching up with women’s appreciation of the bag as part of the outfit, then maybe a man does need many styles of bag.

Messenger bag

The classic man bag. It comes in various sizes, with many very useful pockets and compartments and often with a long strap. It is essentially a man’s equivalent of a woman’s hand bag. This is arguably the most useful bag and also the most stylish.


The rucksack is a perfect bag for a ‘definitely OK for a man to wear’ stop gap while gaining the confidence to fully embrace the true man bag. The rucksack, or backpack as it’s called in some quarters, is probably the most useful and easy to carry bag. No handle, no strap, just slide it on your back and you are ready to go.


The holdall is a kind of general purpose bag that can hold almost anything. It’s often big and bulky with many pockets, on the end and side, and more suitable for weekends away than taking out and about. Although some have straps, their very nature is that you fill it with so much stuff that you would likely just carry it by the handle and hopefully just from the car to the hotel.

Sport bag

If you are heading to the gym then you need a sports bag. They are basically a large holdall style bag sometimes with pockets for all your different sports clothes, shoes and equipment, sometimes more breathable to free those sweaty smells and often a bit more brightly coloured than the holdall – it’s almost like colour equals fitness!


Any respected, or wanting to be respected, businessman will have a good quality briefcase. Not necessarily with a designer label as after all this is a bag that will be used for 250 days of the year, but nevertheless a bag that looks good. The hard attache style cases are still around but there are plenty of softer good leather and leather look bags to satisfy anyone.

Which bag?

There is no simple answer to this question and you wouldn’t expect there to be. Only personal preference, your personal style and confidence, and your budget will lead you in the direction of either of the above. Whether it is the so very useful messenger bag, the not really needing to carry it rucksack, the holds everything holdall, the fit person’s sports bag or the businessman’s favourite briefcase, remember there is always a bag out there for you.

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