Rucksack Or Backpack

Two different words, the same thing? So how did that come about, and where did the term rucksack come from and why does the US call it a backpack? The source of the two words It’s likely that the US is where the word ‘backpack’ came from, after all it is […]

Different Types Of Laptop Bag

Let’s not forget that laptops are delicate things and need to be looked after. If you intend to carry your laptop everywhere then you will need a good quality bag that will protect it from knocks and bumps, dirt and dust and maybe even the weather. Although we have listed […]

Couple Walking With Bags

Women like an organised man When a man carries his own phone, keys, wallet and other personal items he will have immediate access to anything he needs. It’s all in one place, no searching, no thinking, just knowing you have what you need. It’s called being organised. An organised man […]

Wearing A Man Bag

Why would you need to know how to wear a man bag? Yeah it seems obvious it just needs to hang off the body from somewhere but there is so much more to it than that, especially if you want to come across as cool, strong and masculine. Things have changed […]

Contents Of Bag

Of course some us us have different needs and requirements from a bag. Is it a man version of a handbag? Is it for work or for travelling or for taking to the gym. It goes without saying that you are likely to keep your phone, keys and wallet in […]

Types Of Bag

Well the answer to this should be how many of each type of bag does a man need. Like anything, in theory, just one, but with men embracing the whole bag culture and finally catching up with women’s appreciation of the bag as part of the outfit, then maybe a […]

Iphone On Grass

Don’t forget that there is no point protecting your device’s security if you don’t protect the device itself! The world has gone mad about security and quite rightly so. But with big corporations getting hacked and our addresses and credit card details exposed, it’s quite surprising how little interest some […]